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https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2018/03/20/06/33/palms-3242342_960_720.jpgInspite of currently being mindful in their illegal activities and In general shadiness, the FBI hires Murkywater's mercenaries as observed in Hoxton Revenge and pointed out in the FBI Files, suggesting there may be connections amongst them.

Murkywater also seems capable of buying very contagious viruses, as it's pointed out they bought the virus from the shopper who obtained it upon the conclusion of the original No Mercy heist. In addition they deficiency any kind of ethics as well, continuing to experiment on Bain with it. 

In Hell's Island, it can be uncovered Murkywater maintains their own personal offshore prison facility near Oregon, allegedly made to keep essential prisoners like Bain for interrogation from authorized jurisdiction.

It really is assumed that its services certainly are a entrance for its army and a way to recruit soldiers. Its staff is employed and its protection systems utilized for protecting a variety of kinds of treasured objects by even "top rated firms" and federal government officials.

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The two mystery facilities in Beneath the Mountain and Henry's Rock supports Murkywater gaining access to close to endless funding, as Murkywater used researchers and archaeologists could be noticed researching categorised artifacts and top rated-mystery weaponry. 

" This will likely suggest which the diamond is either house of Murkywater and being held because of the Garnet Team, the diamond can be a shared asset in between both equally businesses, or is actually being guarded by Murkywater with significant precedence.

They seem to get their very own security devices, evidenced by having keycards with their own personal symbol on them, as witnessed in Beneath the Mountain.

Murkywater is a business from the PAYDAY universe. To the floor, they're A non-public armed forces firm but are actually precisely what is referred to as an army, doing operations and shifting contraband all throughout the world.

They maybe have shut ties with GenSec, since they use GenSec security methods and employ GenSec pop over to this site stability guards in facilities that contains merchandise of extreme secrecy, and escort a GenSec armored transportation in Slaughterhouse and its PAYDAY 2 remake.

Locke also hints they might attempt to silence witnesses, with him expressing in Beneath the Mountain, they might eliminate the crew and "fuck him suitable". They're also resourceful as Murkywater in some unspecified time in the future grew to become mindful of the existence of Criminal offense.Web and resorted to "enjoying filthy" by tasking Locke to shut it down.

Mainly because of the illegality and In general confidential conditions all around their actions and functions, they continue to keep Virtually all details pertaining to them and incidents involving them undisclosed, on the chagrin on the FBI. As a consequence of this, Bain usually takes advantage of this by buying the gang to steal their loot as Murkywater is incapable of reporting these types of thefts. On the other hand, Murkywater is not really defenseless as the mercenary Corporation keeps tabs on its operations and is claimed to have even wholly relocated their concealed unlawful operations to prevent investigation in Murky Station following the crew steals the EMP bomb sections.

net. Whether Armadillo Corporation is actually a subsidiary enterprise, a division of Murkywater posing being an independent enterprise, or something else is mysterious.

Currently unknown if a division or subsidiary company, a company often called Armadillo Company and CS_MRKWTR filed the shipping buy for that RC-one turret stolen in Transportation: Coach Heist and computer software branded with their brand is used by Locke to provide a information to Criminal offense.

They appear to have connections deep adequate (or manpower powerful ample) to acquire and transport weapons of mass destruction, as witnessed in Meltdown, whereby the crew steals nuclear warheads from the Murkywater dockyard, Beneath the Mountain, by which One of the loot out there is really a prototype explosive and that is explained to be so effective that "for those who push the incorrect buttons, there is not any telling what'd you turn into", and Murky Station, in which the crew's mission will be to sneak into and outside of a Murkywater trainyard with an EMP bomb.

They seemingly provide the devices to interact in cyberwarfare and staff members with the specialized know-the way to use it, potentially created by Armadillo/CS_MRKWTR.

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